Fragrance Sticks Refill - Rock roses - 750ml

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Refillable fragrance sticks with scent notes of rose, cashmere and leather accords.
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What is it?

Fragrance sticks from Marie-Stella-Maris almost empty? With this refill pack you can easily refill your fragrance sticks at home! This way you can enjoy Rock roses again with fragrance notes of rose, cashmere and leather accords. A refill is better for your wallet and the environment. The packaging is made of lightweight recycled aluminum. By simply refilling your fragrance sticks at home, we reduce waste and limit our impact on the environment.

How do you use it?

The refill contains 750 ml and can be used to refill the 100ml, 250ml and 500ml fragrance sticks. Prevent stains when refilling and use a coaster or refill over a sink. For an optimal scent, it is best not to place your fragrance sticks in sunlight, in a draft or close to heating sources. Place your fragrance sticks in a nice place in your interior, but make sure you place them on a mat.

Tip! Be sure to refill your fragrance sticks regularly. This way the fragrance sticks always smell optimally.

New fragrance sticks are available separately.

Contents: 750ml

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