Fragrance Sticks Rock Roses - 100 ml

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Fragrance sticks with notes of rose, cashmere and leather accords
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What is it?

The Marie-Stella-Maris No.10 Rock Roses fragrance sticks spread a floral, provocative scent. Enjoy Rock Roses with fragrance notes of rose, cashmere and leather accords. Let yourself be guided by bergamot and orange to the floral core of jasmine and rose. Cashmere and smoky leather provide the necessary contrast to balance everything out. Experience the aromas for 3 to 4 months.

How do you use it?

Find a nice place in your interior to place the fragrance sticks. Protect your furniture with a coaster from the alcohol in the formulation. Open the perfume bottle by unscrewing the black cap, remove the white lid and screw the black diffusion cap back onto the bottle. Place the fragrance sticks in the bottle.

Enjoy the clear and subtly stimulating scent of Rock Roses.

Tip! For optimal enjoyment, it is best to place the fragrance sticks in a location without direct sunlight, avoid heating sources or a lot of draft. If you want a scent boost, you can rotate the scent sticks, but this is certainly not a must.

Please note: the presence of alcohol in the formulation may stain sensitive surfaces. When you refill, we recommend that you always use a coaster or, for example, refill above a sink. Always place the sticks on a coaster and not on a piece of furniture. Then make sure that the outside of the bottle is completely dry.

Contents: 100ml

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