Susanne's Spa Collection 2023 - (4x15ml + 1x10ml)

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Bring the spa into your home with Susanne Kaufmann
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What is it?

Bring the spa into your home with Susanne's Spa collection 2024 by Susanne Kaufmann. With this set of 5 products you will get rust for yourself and get a shine and the right care for your body.

The combination of the Enzyme Exfoliator 15ml and Moisturizing Mask 15ml gives your skin a happy and hydrated appearance. Make your skin silky soft with the Body Butter 15ml and go for the complete spa treatment. With the Eye Rescue Serum 10ml you give your eyes an extra boost, ready to start the day. With the Hand Cream 15ml you will no longer have dry hands.

Surprise someone with this gift package or give yourself that well-deserved me-time.

How do you use it?

Ready for the ultimate spa experience?

Start with the Eye Rescue Serum by carefully applying it to the area around the eyes and thus refresh your eyes. You look completely rested again. Then you can apply the Enzyme Exfoliator, let it work for about 15 minutes and enjoy this relaxing moment. Remove the product with a damp cloth.

Completely relax by taking a nice bath and apply the Moisturizing Mask to your face and neck. Relax in the bath and then remove it with a warm, existing cloth.

Massage the Body Butter into your skin to ultimately absorb all the moisture. Then apply Hand Cream to your hands and massage it into your skin.

Contents: 4x15ml + 1x10ml

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