Sunday Exfoliating Serum

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Powerful exfoliating serum.
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What is it?

A powerful twice-weekly exfoliant that combines multiple skin-caring acids to combat dull skin, prevent blemishes and even out skin tone.

Glycolic acid (AHA) - 7%

A highly effective exfoliator that promotes radiant skin, reduces impurities, and is known to clear dry patches and/or hyperpigmentation. This transformative serum contains a powerful yet non-irritating 7% for noticeable results within a day.

Gluconolactone (PHA) - 5%
An exfoliating acid that also happens to provide excellent hydration. And did we mention it's super mild?

Succinic acid (SA) - 2%
Relatively new to skincare, this hyped ingredient is known for its acne-fighting properties. It inhibits the bacterial growth that leads to pimples, and soothes and softens the skin.

How to use it?

Squeeze the pipette and drop 2-3 drops into your palm, on your fingertips or directly onto your cleansed face and neck. For optimum hygiene, the tip of the pipette should never come into contact with your face or hands. Gently massage or pat the liquid into your skin. Wait for the serum to be fully absorbed and then use a moisturiser to make sure your skin retains all the good stuff.


Twice a week in the morning or evening, after cleansing your skin and before applying a moisturiser.


A lightweight, transparent liquid that is quickly absorbed by the skin.


aqua (water) (solvent), glycolic acid (exfoliant), gluconolactone (exfoliant), propanediol (solvent), diglycerin (moisturizer/humectant), galactoarabinan (antioxidant), succinic acid (buffering), 1,2-hexanediol (solvent), hydroxyacetophenone (antioxidant), polyacrylate crosspolymer-6 (viscosity controlling), tetrasodium glutamate diacetate (chelating), sodium hydroxide (buffering)

Content: 25ml

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