Soothing Toner - 100ml

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Refreshing, gentle toner developed to restore the skin's natural pH and protect against environmental stress throughout the day.
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What is it?

Susanne Kaufmann's Soothing Toner ensures that the natural pH value of the skin is restored. The toner is certainly suitable for skin that is naturally sensitive to dehydration.

With a mix of chamomile, yarrow and mallow extracts together with hyaluronic acid, dry skin is nourished and soothed. Your skin will look completely refreshed thanks to these ingredients. Thanks to sage extract, your skin gets extra energy and clarification. It is a perfect skin freshener during the day. Chamomile makes your skin feel soothed, anti-inflammatory and also stimulates cell renewal.

How do you use it?

Use the toner as the last step in your cleansing regimen, before applying a serum or other moisturizer to your face. Add a few drops into the palm of your hand. Spread the product on your face or neck. You can also use the toner as a refreshing addition during the day.

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