OUAI - Scalp Serum - 60ml

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Moisturizing serum for the scalp
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What is it?

Ouai's Scalp Serum supports your hair and gives it a serious, healthier look. Thanks to adaptogens such as Arctic Root, Siberian Ginseng and Chaga Mushroom together with hyaluronic acid, it provides better hydration and gives your hair a healthy barrier. The serum is suitable for all hair types.

How do you use it?

Apply the serum daily for best results along the hairline and on the hair parting. The product is a leave-in so do not rinse it out. Apply directly to the scalp. You can apply the product in the morning and evening on wet or dry hair. Massage the product so that it is better distributed. This improves absorption.

Contents: 60 ml

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