Hand Cream - 50ml

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A rich, moisturising hand cream developed to care for dry skin and replenish lost moisture.
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What is it?

With Susanne Kaufmann's Hand Cream, let your hands be bathed in luxury with the rich, moisturizing hand cream, designed to care for dry skin and protect it from dehydration, leaving them feeling silky soft.

Inspired by the refined treatments at the Susanne Kaufmann spa, our products offer tailor-made solutions for all skin types, so you can always look radiant and feel good. Our hand cream is infused with a harmonious blend of alpine rose and mallow extracts to nourish dry skin and replenish moisture, while antioxidant-rich broccoli seed oil and house leek extract envelop hands in a silky, luscious glow.

How do you use it?

Massage into your hands daily. Apply a generous layer at night for an intensive treatment to repair and soothe dry, damaged skin. Combine with the Susanne Kaufmann Hand Scrub for a double soothing effect. This mild mechanical exfoliant stimulates cell renewal and improves the natural protective functions of the skin.

Contents: 50ml

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