Glow Mask - 50ml

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Revitalizing facial mask to brighten and regenerate the complexion.
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What is it?

With the Glow Mask by Susanne Kaufmann you will experience radiant skin, this face mask infused with the power of natural plants and flowers. This mask reveals an even, radiant complexion with its gentle exfoliating effect. Let your skin shine with vitality with this Glow Mask, formulated with an active blend of herbs and herbal ingredients. Papaya powder gently exfoliates, while red date seed extract rejuvenates skin and raspberry fruit extract replenishes moisture. In addition to brightening, ginger root extract and caffeine stimulate cell metabolism and promote collagen production for a plumping effect against fine lines and wrinkles.

How do you use it?

After cleansing, pamper your face with a luscious layer of this mask and let it work its magic for 15 minutes. Then rinse gently with a refreshing splash of cold water. Use it once or twice a week for a radiant complexion. And remember, avoid exfoliating products before use so that this mask can reveal all its shine.

Contents: 50ml

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