Fragrance Sticks Voyage Vetiver 250 ml

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Fragrance sticks with the scent of vetiver, sage and sea salt
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What is it?

These fragrance sticks from Marie-Stella-Maris will enrich your interior. Enjoy the fresh-clean aromas and notes of vetiver, sage and sea salt, non-stop. As if you are walking on the beach, instant peace and relaxation. The fragrance sticks last at least 6 months.

How do you use it?

Place the perfume bottle in a place in your interior and open the perfume bottle. Use a coaster to avoid damaging your furniture, as the bottle contains alcohol. Carefully open the perfume bottle by unscrewing the black diffusion cap. Remove the white lid inside and screw the black fragrance cap back on the bottle.
For an optimal scent, it is best not to place your fragrance sticks in sunlight, in a draft or close to heating sources.

Contents: 250 ml

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